Delivery Policy

Delivery Charges

The delivery charge is £1 within 2 miles radius. The minimum orders are £10. Orders to areas out 2 miles are subject to a delivery charge which depends on the distance (normally between £1.50 and £2).

Delivery Times

We try our best to make sure food arrives on or before the time stated when ordering (usually around 30-45 minutes), but this isn’t always possible as we may get unexpectedly busy, or drivers may have trouble locating some hard-to-find destinations. If the food is less than 20 minutes late then call us and we will try to find out why then we’ll call our driver to ensure he/she is aware of the delay. If the delivery is more than 20 minutes late then you may be granted a discount on your next order to make up for the inconvenience, unless the reason for the delay was entirely out of our control. We cannot grant discounts on the actual order that was late. All our deliveries are time-stamped both when they are received and when they depart to make it easy to ascertain whether deliveries are late, and by how long.

Delivered Food Temperature

Our food packaging has been tested numerous times to ensure the meals stay warm for long periods. Even in very cold winter conditions, it can take over 90 minutes for the food to cool down. Only when deliveries have been delayed considerably (which is rare) will complaints regarding cold food be taken as reason enough for some kind of compensation. Deliveries by their nature cause the food to cool down somewhat, and this cannot be avoided. All our food is microwaveable should the food need to be re-heated.

Incorrect or Missing Items

Mistakes do happen from time to time, especially in very busy periods where the kitchen can become quite hectic. In the event of orders being delivered which are incorrect or which have an item missing we will send out a replacement or the missing item as soon as possible, or if you prefer you can have the item(s) (or items of equivalent value) saved on our computer system so you can have it free of charge with your next order.

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