Chinese Food Guide

Your completed Chinese food guide.

When you tuck into that Chinese Takeaway from Oriental Pearl, do you consider the healthy options and which dishes, if any, are lower in fat and calories than others? Here’s a brief guide to help you enjoy your favourite Chinese Takeaway without piling on the pounds!

Top Tips to Eat Healthily in a Chinese Takeaway? When choosing a meat-based dish, pick the ones which are drier or even without sticky sauces. These sauces are often salt-laden and if you have conditions which demand a low salt diet (such as high blood pressure) then the very sweet sticky sauces are best avoided.

Most Chinese takeaway menus have several dishes which have a high proportion of vegetables and these can be a good choice. Try Beef with Onions, for example, and you will find a tasty dish, high in iron and without a high-fat content.

If you plan to order rice with your dish then go for plain steamed rice in copious amounts. Rice is very filling and when steamed is relatively low in calories. Eating it first, before other more fattening dishes is also a good way to get that full feeling before attacking those batter or sauce-based dishes? Read the menu carefully to see what region of China the food is predominantly based upon. There are eight possible regions and one of the healthiest is Cantonese cuisine since the food is light and very fresh. Does this mean it has a taste without needing a heavy salty sauce? If you have specific dietary needs then phone Oriental Pearl ahead so that they can accommodate you. Don’t wait until you arrive and then expect then to start thinking about how best to meet your needs. Also, ask about Chinese food – Oriental Pearl will have someone who can advise on specific foods for certain medical conditions and this is a strong theme in Chinese cooking. 

If you want to find a good takeaway then try Oriental Pearl first. If the food is good, even on a busy night, then the chances are high that the takeaway food will follow suit!y?

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